Juuni is a digital collectibles project by Korean artist Hex. The collection drew inspiration from the Zodiacs, coupled with Hex's fantasy-steampunk artistic style.

Juuni's brand, 'Juuniverse' explores different art medium to showcase stories, characters and world surrounding the collection. Through the brand, the team aims to bring discoverability for artists and value for collectors and enthusiasts.



  • CEO and Co-Founder: ICE
  • Creative Director, Main Artist: HEX


  • Tea
  • Patric Dang
  • Florielle

Creatives and Developers

  • Artist Relations: Tue
  • Writer and Designer: Kksmoothly
  • Software Developer: Kayak
  • Supporting Artist: Aethielle


  • Community Manager: Viv
  • ARTSI: Goldenpeel
  • ARTSI: Zai
  • Head Moderator, Event Planner: YH
  • Collaboration Manager: Meiv
  • Event Planner, Moderator: Vince
  • Event Planner: Yuzu
  • Event Moderator: Yii


ARTSI or ART STREAMING INITIATIVES is a community for artists in JUUNI that encourage artists to showcase their creative process. ARTSI provides a dedicated space for artists to showcase their talents to an awaiting audience. We are looking for all artists who want to stream their work live, educate the community, and inspire their audience. (ARTSI — JUUNI (mirror.xyz)

Artists does not need to hold a Juuni to join ARTSI. You can join JUUNI's discord and assign yourself an ARTSI role to start participating in ARTSI-related activities.

Art license

Detailed information on the license.

Summary of License

Below we provide a summary of Juuni License pertaining to non-commercial derivative creation and commission. We will provide the summary in layman's terms. For a detailed license, please refer to JUUNI's license.


As long as you lawfully acquired and are holding your Juuni, the following license is applicable to you:

  1. you can display your Juuni NFT, use it as a profile picture, or create your Derivative Works for non-Commercial Use.
  2. You can mint and create new NFTs and NFT projects based on your Derivative Works of Juuni NFTs that you own, as long as you don't use the Juuni Trademarks on, or to promote, such new NFTs.
  3. You can sell the derivatives, just as long as you don't use the Juuni Trademarks. Except when the Juuni NFT is a product of a collab that contains content not owned by JUUNI, then usage of that specific Juuni NFT for Commercial Use is prohibited (you can request or accept a derivative request as long as they are for private use. If you create a derivative of the collaboration Juuni, you are not allowed to sell the derivative) unless JUUNI or JUUNI'S partner explicitly provide consent in writing or through a public announcement.

Restriction and Reservation

  1. In line with the above license, you might edit or create a derivative of your Juuni as you see fit. However, JUUNI may also modify, create derivative works of, and update any Juuni NFT and may create works of authorship similar or identical to your own adaptations, derivative works, and modifications of any Juuni NFT.

    In cases where modifications created by JUUNI resembles your modification, adaptations, and derivative, please do not to assert or bring any suit, claim, demand or challenge against the Company or its affiliates or licensees in connection with their use of any Juuni Art or any adaptations, derivative works, and modifications thereto, even if such artwork or content is similar to or the same as any adaptations, derivative works, or modifications in any Juuni Art that have been created by you.

  2. This license does not allow you to take and exploits any elements from your JUUNI's to be used as is in your work.

  3. This license does not grant you rights to use JUUNI's trademark

  4. This license is not transferrable unless you sell or transfer the ownership of your JUUNI, in which case the license will be revoked from you as the former owner and will be granted to the new owner.

  5. you may not use the Juuni NFT Art in any way that constitutes unlawful, defamatory, harassing, abusive, fraudulent, racist, hateful, vulgar, cruel, illegal, obscene activity, damaging the Company image or that promotes any such activities


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