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What is Killer Girlfriend?

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Killer GF is a 7,777 generative portrait art collection by a former Riot Games Artist, Zeronis, with over 240 meticulously designed features that contrasts cute and aesthetically appealing girlfriends that also happen to be dangerous assassins. The inspiration for the project came from the combination of Zeronis's love for creating badass and beautiful female characters while also bringing a bit of the yandere flair to the mix. The project is also a special collaboration between Zeronis and Uwulabs, creator of Uwucrew. 

You can find the interview with KGF creator, Zeronis, in their Medium article.

The Killer Girlfriend team:

Artist: Zeronis

Co-founder, Developer: Kiwi

Community Manager: Swag

Head of Marketing: FatDoinks

Project Manager: Upsidan

Partnership Manager: Desto

Advisor: Morello

Developer: Chase Manning

Chinese Community Manager: Peegu

What is the KGF team up to?

The KGF team has been working tirelessly to deliver promised content as detailed in their roadmap. They have been holding charity auctions with guest artists, periodically airdropping exclusive and non-transferable stamps to their holders, ‘airdropping’ physical merchandise, as well as creating the ‘Cyber Run’ game. The team has held over 7 charity auctions and donated more than $50,000 to various charities.

World Wide Webb Metaverse integration is complete and additional integration is being explored.

Policies on Derivative Creation and possible profit-taking on derivative works:

Killer Girlfriend implements Uwu Art License. This means the project focuses on holder representation, respecting NFT holders, but also supporting non-holder creative community members by assigning a set of NFTs the CC0 license.

In short, according to the Uwu Art License, you should:

  • Giving proper credit and respecting the artist(s) behind the art
  • Respecting how the owner of an NFT would want their NFT to be represented
  • Welcoming derivatives, but requiring NFT ownership or clear permission from the NFT owner for commercial use

The rights of holders are as follows:
CC BY 4.0. For the NFT(s) you own you’re free to:

  • Copy or share in any medium
  • Make derivatives, remix, or transform in any medium, even commercially,
  • As long as you give proper credit to Killer GF

As for the non-holders:

CC BY-NC 4.0. For any NFT in the collection you’re free to:

  • Copy or share in any medium
  • Make derivatives, remix, or transform in any medium, but NOT commercially
  • As long as you give proper credit to Killer GF

The owner of the NFT not only owns the art but also the character of the NFT as well. Owners of the NFT have the ability to grant permission for others to sell derivative art that includes their character for as long as they own the original NFt. This permission only persists for the owner of the NFT; if the original NFT is sold after permission was given, commercial usage permission of the character must be requested again from the new owner.

The Killer Girlfriend team has set a total of 4 NFTs as community property or CC0. A CC0 means:

  • Anyone is free to copy or share in any medium
  • Anyone is free to make derivatives, remix, or transform in any medium, or use for any purpose, even commercially

The set of NFTs that are set as CC0 are:

  • KGF#3
  • KGF#4
  • KGF#5
  • KGF#6

Read the details on Uwu Art License here: The uwu Art License + Community Collection — uwucrew (


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