What is MEGAMI?

Megami is a 10k PFP collection by Japanese popular illustrator and Youtuber, Saito Naoki. It takes the concept of 'finding your own goddess' and lets holder handpick their own NFT instead of going through the randomized mint and reveal system.


The illustrations I have expressed through NFT are, In fact, I have consistently depicted my own “Dreams”.

The first dream, It's a future that creators are paid fairly.
Through the "GESTURES" collection,
The possibilities offered by the NFT,
In the name of creativity, The expressionist receives fair benefits without being unfairly exploited.
I have dreamt of such a future.

And in its next collection, "BRILLIANT". the second dream...
Not the kind of creativity that kills individuality for the sake of mass consumption.
Artists can make the most of their own individuality, you are shining!
I expressed those dreams.

And in the next series to be presented, "MEGAMI".
The third dream is a continuation of the previous one.
It is “A future where more people believe in themselves.”

GESTURES, and BRILIANT, because it is 1/1 art.
It was not that can be owned by many people who sympathize with its value.

However, MEGAMI is different.
By taking the form of collectibles.
It can be owned by many people.

However, a collectible doesn't mean I've cut corners.
**Naoki Saito's 1/1 quality as a collectible, **is another concept of the project. Otherwise, I felt the future I was aiming for could never be envisaged. With the help of many people, this goal is becoming a reality.

Your own MEGAMI(goddess), not for anyone else.
Choose for yourself.

The MEGAMI(goddess) of your choice will empower you.
It is the only one that cannot be replaced.

because MEGAMI isn't a random of luck.
This is because you have to choose the artwork yourself.

And MEGAMI's artwork is very diverse.
Some goddesses are pure and beautiful, some seemingly frightening, some evil.
Which of them will you choose? It is up to you.

While you are choosing and looking for a goddess, before you know it, you will find that you are searching for yourself.

That is, to face it through MEGAMI.
“The shape of myself”
It is precisely a rediscovery of one's own value.

Finding your own personal goddess and
rediscovering your own value Envisioning “a future where more people believe in themselves”.

That is what I want to do through this MEGAMI project. This is my third dream.


MEGAMI's next destination is MEGAMIX.
MEGAMIX is the project's next step in expanding the project's reach. It focuses on collaborations with top creators in order to take creativity in web3 to the next level.

MEGAMIX consists of 3 main programs: Creator Alliance, MEGAMI Standard Works, and meta MEGAMI

Creator Alliance

Network with top creators. Everyone works together to create great works that cannot be created by one person. The power of Crypto enables a free environment for creators, great discretion, and just rewards. MEGAMI supports and connects creators and continues to create "the next".

Creator Alliance

MEGAMI Standard Works

Top-class quality work by top creators. The new standard of MEGAMI quality. Not just NFT. Not just selling. A wide variety of ways of expression and delivery. Taking Web3 creativity to the next stage.

MEGAMI Standard Works


A group of works of overwhelming quality. Extensive NFT holder rights. Facilitation of secondary productions. Expansion of the MEGAMI world. An extension to the world outside of MEGAMI.


Art license

Detailed information on the license.

Purpose of MEGAMI Art License

We hope that many creators will participate in creative activities related to MEGAMI to further expand and develop the MEGAMI ecosystem. We also welcome creators making profit from those activities. This License was created to provide a guideline for creators so that they can engage in these activities with confidence and clarity.

We believe holding an NFT is also a creative activity and a kind of self-expression. Therefore, this License not only defines the rights of creators, but also protects and extends the rights and interests of NFT holders at the same time.

Our goal is to empower and encourage both creators and community members by clearly defining rights and protections for those who wish to participate in MEGAMIrelated creative activities.

The subject of MEGAMI Art License

This License covers the creative activities of individual creators and of small teams. A different license is applied for activities by companies, organizations or teams of a certain, larger size (generally more than 5 members). In these cases, please contact the MEGAMI team using the inquiry form.

The activities listed below are beyond the intended use of the MEGAMI Art License. Please contact the MEGAMI team and get approval before you start those activities.

  • Any fundraising activities in order to build your applications and services
  • Any NFT projects providing generative NFT collectible
  • Any activities offering things that could be considered securities

Hereinafter, when the term “NFT” or “NFTs” is used without any specification, it refers to NFTs belonging to the MEGAMI collection

Fundamental Rules

  • When using MEGAMI content, you must respect the creator of the artworks and add the appropriate credit to those contents.
  • Respect and show consideration for creators, team members, and holders of MEGAMI NFT with respect to how they want their NFTs to be expressed.
  • We welcome derivative works of MEGAMI NFTs.
  • Commercial use is also permitted based on certain rules.

Based on the Fundamental rules, MEGAMI's Art License is hereby established as follows.

Rights of NFT holders

For the NFT you own, you are free to do the following activities.

  • Copying or sharing on any media and platforms. *1
  • Creation, remixing, or modification of derivative works for commercial or noncommercial purposes until the cumulative revenue reaches a threshold of 5 million US dollars. *2

*1 Appropriate credit for MEGAMI is necessary.

*2 Whether intended for commercial or noncommercial use, the original artwork can be used as it is.

Rights of non-NFT holders

For all NFTs in this collection, non-NFT holders are available to perform activities under limitations provided below.

  • Copying or sharing on any media and platforms. *3
  • Creation of derivative works for commercial or non-commercial purposes until the cumulative revenue reaches a threshold of 2 million US dollars. *4

*3 Appropriate credit for MEGAMI is necessary.

*4 Only the original NFT holder can use the original artwork as it is. In any case, whether for commercial or non-utilitarian purposes, non-NFT holders are not allowed to use the original artwork.

When the cumulative revenue is likely to exceed the above limits, please contact the MEGAMI team.

Rights of MEGAMI team

The MEGAMI team reserves the right to use NFT art and derivative art from the MEGAMI collection for promotional purposes without any limitation.

Example of derivative works

  • Creation, display, delivery and distribution of illustrations, comics, books, videos, magazines and any other form of works, not limited to those listed here.
  • Creation, display and delivery of figurines, dolls, cosplay and any other forms of three-dimensional works.

Prohibited items for derivative creation activities

  • Any content that deviates from MEGAMI's image and damages the reputation of the collection.
  • Any content that violates the public order and morality or is discriminatory in any form.
  • Any content that has little or no creativity such as directly copying, scanning, sampling, or tracing NFT artworks including illustration, video, voice, song and the like. Except in the case where the NFT holder uses NFTs owned by himself/herself.
  • Any activity representing oneself as a MEGAMI official.
  • Any activity that is in violation of the purposes and rules of this license.
  • Any content that infringes or may infringe upon the rights of others.

How to credit MEGAMI

  • If you are publishing a MEGAMI derivative work as an NFT, it is not necessary to include a credit to MEGAMI in the accompanying media files (illustrations, videos, etc.) We encourage you to include a credit in the description section of the NFT.
  • If you publish or provide derivative works in a form other than NFTs, please include a credit to MEGAMI in a place that is easily visible and accessible to viewers and purchasers.
  • Recommended crediting methods include "Licensed by MEGAMI" and "Empowered by MEGAMI”.

Case study

Following use cases are acceptable. (Still, there is a limitation on cumulative revenue.)

  • The owner of an NFT creates derivative illustrations of the artwork contained in the NFT he/she owns and sells them as NFTs or produces and sells goods such as T-shirts, etc.
  • The owner of an NFT edits the artwork contained in the NFT and sells it as an NFT or uses the artwork “as is” to produce and sell goods such as T-shirts, etc.
  • A creator creates a derivative artwork of an NFT that he/she does not own and then mints that artwork as an NFT and sells or produces and sells goods such as T-shirts, etc.
  • A creator creates derivative artwork of NFTs that he/she does not own, and publishes the artwork on Twitter or creates a T-shirt for own usage.

Following use cases are NOT acceptable.

  • A creator retouches an artwork contained in an NFT that he/she does not own and sells it as an NFT or uses the original artwork as it is and produces goods such as T-shirts, etc and sells them.
  • Producing and publishing derivative works that are slanderous defamation of other NFT projects.

As long as usage does not violate this License, there is no need to contact the MEGAMI team about usage.

If you have any question regarding the License, please contact the MEGAMI team in the support channel of MEGAMI's official Discord.

This license is based on “The uwu Art License" created by the uwucrew team. We are deeply grateful to the uwucrew team for their generosity and contribution to the art culture.


Detailed information on the collections.


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