What is uwucrew?

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Uwucrew is a collection of 9670 anime style inspired avatars. It was launched on September 5, 2021. It was the project that started uwulabs--the lab that has advised numerous projects including Killer GF, IROIRO, and Aiko Virtual.

Since its foundation, uwucrew team believe that creativity can be empowered by making collecting NFT art a fulfilling hobby. Therefore, its principal foundation has always been fostering beneficial relationships with creators in their community. Since then, uwucrew has inspired many other projects to build a positive art culture within their community.

uwucrew Team:

Co-founder & Artist: Laur

Co-founder & Dev: Kiwi

Advisor: Morello

Community Manager: Omar

Partnerships Manager: Danny

Creative Assistant: Jules

Front End Dev: Chase

Full Stack Dev: Spori

Roadmap & Activity

The team has been working hard to fulfill their v2 roadmap.

to date they have:

- Released several Dressing Room items

- Preparing for re-launching of waifusion

- Physical Merchandise

- Launches of various uwulabs projects

- Artists Collabs & Long Term Partnerships

Art license

Detailed information on the license.

About derivative works and possibility of profit taking:

Uwucrew has launched an uwu Art license, This means the project focuses on holder representation, respecting NFT holders, but also supporting non-holder creative community members by assigning a set of NFTs the CC0 license.

In short, according to the Uwu Art License, you should:

  • Giving proper credit and respecting the artist(s) behind the art
  • Respecting how the owner of an NFT would want their NFT to be represented
  • Welcoming derivatives, but requiring NFT ownership or clear permission from the NFT owner for commercial use

uwulabsでは 'uwuを維持すること' とは次のような意味であると信じています:

  • アートの後ろ側にいるアーティスト(達)を尊重し適切なクレジットを提供すること
  • NFTの所有者が自分のNFTをどのように表現してほしいと望んでいるかを尊重すること
  • 派生物を歓迎するが、商業利用にはNFTの所有権またはNFT所有者の明確な許可が必要

これらを踏まえて、uwucrew のアートライセンスについて以下の通りお知らせいたします

The rights of holders are as follows:

CC BY 4.0. For the NFT(s) you own you’re free to:

  • Copy or share in any medium
  • Make derivatives, remix, or transform in any medium, even commercially;
  • As long as you give proper credit to uwucrew


  • あらゆる媒体でコピーまたは共有する
  • 商業的であっても、いかなる媒体においても派生物の作成、リミックス、または変形を行うこと
  • uwucrewに対して適切なクレジットを与える限り

As for the non-holders:

CC BY-NC 4.0. For any NFT in the collection you’re free to:

  • Copy or share in any medium
  • Make derivatives, remix, or transform in any medium, but NOT commercially
  • As long as you give proper credit to uwucrew


  • あらゆる媒体でコピーまたは共有する
  • あらゆる媒体で派生物の作成、リミックス、または変換を行うこと。ただし商用は不可
  • uwucrewに対して適切なクレジットを与える限り

The owner of the NFT not only owns the art but also the character of the NFT as well. Owners of the NFT have the ability to grant permission for others to sell derivative art that includes their character for as long as they own the original NFt. This permission only persists for the owner of the NFT; if the original NFT is sold after permission was given, commercial usage permission of the character must be requested again from the new owner.



'uwuを維持すること' の意味は二次創作物において誰かのNFTキャラクターをどのように表現するかに気を配ることです。もし誰かがそれらの二次創作表現において不快に思われるような事がされていると思ったら、いつでもNFTの所有者に許可を得ることができるということを思い出してください。

uwucrew team has set aside a total of 25 pfps a.k.a 'the crew' as CC0 NFT. Check out the list of the CC0 uwucrew here.

uwulabsとチームメンバーのウォレットから以下の25のuwusを選び、uwucrewコミュニティコレクション通称 ”The Crew” をスタートします! 一度uwucrew NFTがコミュニティコレクションに追加されると、二度と削除されることはないでしょう。今後、さらに多くのuwucrewがThe Crewに参加する可能性があります。The Crewのリストはこちらでご確認ください


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